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Thunder Lake is a great four seasons recreational lake.  It has a provincial campground on the north side with over 125 sites.  Currently the lake is at an all time water level.  The weir continues to allow water to flow and some lakefront lots are experiencing a small beachfront. Fish include Northern Pike and Yellow Perch, although a few years ago, the fish population suffered a large ‘winter kill’ of the fish.  There are signs of recovery, there was no fish being stocked by Alberta Fisheries.  The lake covers 7.1 km2 in size. Residents also enjoy bird watching and the large natural animal population of moose, deer, and the occasional bear.  (Yes, moose do swim here!) There are three subdivisions in and around Thunder Lake.  The first is beside the boat launch, next is Summerlea Estates (built to include a golf course which never became), and then Lightning Bay (on the south) with their own boat launch, beach, and lodge. For more information …. contact me.  I will find out!